Woofie Dog at Woofie's and The Campaign

Evan C. Jones
A "Woofie Dog" at Woofie's: Deliciously 'merican, just like The Campaign.
In the very long and tiring journey that is the 2012 presidential election, it's easy to get swept away in the 24-hour news cycles, attack ads and mud slinging. Then again, that's tame compared to North Carolina's 14th Congressional District race.

The Campaign starts off with a scandal. Will Ferrell's Cam Brady, a four-time congressman who has run unopposed his entire political career, creates a major scandal as he mistakenly drunk dials his mistress and leaves a raunchy voicemail. Seizing the opportunity to unseat Brady are two wealthy brothers, who decide on the oddball son of a successful political strategist Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis).

woofie's exterior550.jpg
Evan C. Jones
The exterior of Woofie's.
Despite his very awkward early forays in the political arena, Huggins begins to pick up ground after being completely remodeled by a campaign manager and a series of unfortunate yet hilarious events for Brady. With the race suddenly getting tighter, both men pull no punches in an escalating game of political chicken to represent the Tarheel State and get elected to the congressional seat.

The film takes numerous jabs at the current political landscape, including the media's portrayal of candidates and the influence of private money, without being preachy (not one political issue is discussed in The Campaign, which is funny itself).

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