Gut Check Test Dunks the Dipr, "The Ultimate Cookie Spoon"

Liz Miller
The Dipr: The ultimate cookie spoon?
"Dunking cookies into a glass of milk with my fingers is hard work," says no one, ever. The aftermath of said dunking, however, is messier, and cleaning sticky, crumb-encrusted hands slows down the number of cookies we can shove down our gullet. Enter the Dipr, marketed as "the ultimate cookie spoon," which, according to its official website, "Cradles the cookie by the cream and prevents the cookie from crumbling when dunked," and, according to its packaging, is a product safe for ages 13 and older. This is a big kid cookie spoon. A cookie spoon for teenagers, not tweens.

Dipr in hand (we know, TWSS), Gut Check gave it a whirl with packages of regular and double-stuffed Oreo cookies and a glass of almond milk.

The fact that it reminds us of a pirate hook (or a tool for cleaning bear teeth, or sticks for playing crouton hockey...we could do this all day) in appearance makes using the Dipr an immediately silly experience, but then, the Dipr isn't trying to cure cancer. It's just trying to cure sticky milk-and-cookie mess, and at that, it succeeds.

Liz Miller
Oreo fans ages 13 and older, rejoice. Also, veterinary dentists.
Our product test was straightforward: We placed an Oreo cookie in the Dipr's half-moon "spoon," dunked it cookie-first in a glass of milk till it was submerged and then slowly removed it before taking a hulking bite of cookie. Success! The Dipr held the Oreo cookie firmly in place throughout the dunking process and continued to down to the last bite. No messy hands; no mess at all.

At $2.99 a pop, the Dipr isn't a necessary addition to Gut Check's kitchen, but it's an inexpensive one that delivers what it promises.

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