Miller Lite Brings "It's Miller Time on Us" to St. Louis, a.k.a., Free Beer For Some!

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They all can't be "the Champagne of beers."
Next week, instead of rifling through coat pockets, couch cushions and car cup-holders in search of beer money, Gut Check will be headed to Kiener Plaza (600 Market Street) for a complimentary $25 Miller Lite gift card. Specifically, on Tuesday, September 18, between 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., for "It's Miller Time on Us," a promotional event hosted by Miller Lite for people whose first, middle or last name is Miller -- read more than between the byline and it's obvious why we have a vested interest in attending.

But there are a few other necessary requirements to meet, aside from the name on your I.D.

The most important secondarily qualification is flashing a valid state I.D. card that confirms you're 21-years-old or older, so make sure not to leave your wallet at home in the frenzied rush for free brews. Also, don't be greedy -- Miller Lite is only doling out one $25 gift card per person.

Miller has hosted this series throughout the summer in other Midwest cities such Chicago, Milwaukee, -- the brewery's hometown -- Cincinnati and Indianapolis. The stop in St. Louis was added recently and is the last scheduled for the tour.

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Kiener Plaza

Seventh & Market streets, St. Louis, MO

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