Put Down That Bucket of Chunky Cinnamon Streusel, Sam's Club Customer

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Usually it's the why that catches our attention when a food product is recalled: pieces of a gasket, say, or of a pen or a glove. Today it's the what.

Dawn Food Products Inc. on Friday announced, via the FDA, a recall of 25-pound buckets of Sam's Club Chunky Cinnamon Streusel because of the risk of undeclared soy and milk allergens.

Twenty-five pounds is a lot of chunky streusel.

According to the press release, the buckets were sent to Sam's Club distribution centers in six states, including Missouri. The recalled products have one of the following lot codes: 2-203-19-81; 2-203-19-82; 2-203-19-83; 2-223-19-01; 2-223-19-02; 2-223-19-03; 2-223-19-04; 2-236-19-83; 2-236-19-84; 2-236-19-87.

In addition, the recalled products have one of the following expiration dates: 1-17-2013; 2-06-2013 or 2-19-2013.

There have been no reported illnesses due to the undeclared allergens -- or, for that matter, due to an overeager customer chowing down on all 25 pounds of chunky cinnamon streusel in one sitting.

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