Schnucks Partners with BrightFarms to Build Hydroponic Greenhouse

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Bright Farm greenhouse.JPG
A concept drawing for a rooftop greenhouse.
Some say that it is nearly impossible to get decent produce in the city of St. Louis.

Veggie lovers stranded someplace far from a reputable farmer's market can often find themselves stuck with wilted lettuce, tasteless tomatoes, or -- if looking for something even slightly exotic -- left with nothing at all.

BrightFarms, a New York-based company, wants to change all that. They've just announced an intriguing partnership with Schnucks that will bring a large hydroponic greenhouse to St. Louis and better produce to their aisles.

Although the partnership is brand new and there are few specifics about where the 50,000-square-foot facility will go, BrightFarms CEO Paul Lightfoot paints an interesting picture.

"We need to be where there's a dense population. We're always looking to use non-utilized space," he says. "We'd rather pull heat that's being wasted from a bakery, data center, brewery. We generally want to be places where we're going to create jobs and economic activity."

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This is awesome. It's great that more and more of these inner city projects are starting. They produce very real benefits for communities and teach children that food doesn't come from a brightly coloured box, it actually grows !

Just growing herbs in your garden or buying a family greenhouse is a statement in itself. Take control of your food intake. Make it organic and cost efficient. Buying from a store means organic is expensive, growing it makes it cheap ! It's that simple. Given that you could start growing in your own greenhouse very cheaply be buying online from a greenhouse specialist retailer like it really couldn't be easier to get moving.

Either that or get involved with community projects or gardening clubs in your community. A very practical solution can be applying for some land in the form of an allotment plot from your local authority or council.

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