Your Pick for St. Louis' Most Underrated Pizza Is...

Sarah Rusnak
Never doubt the power of social media. Thanks to a strong Facebook-based push, Felix's (6335 Clayton Avenue; 314-645-6565) crashed the semifinal voting for St. Louis' most underrated pizza and then ran away with the final vote, finishing just shy of a majority of votes in the four-way contest.

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St. Louis' Most Underrated Pizza: Final Vote Results

Felix's (6335 Clayton Avenue; 314-645-6565): 49.33%

Pirrone's Pizzeria (1775 Washington Street, Florissant; 314-839-3633): 21.67%

Peel Wood Fired Pizza (921 South Arbor Vitae, Edwardsville, Illinois; 618-659-8561): 14.67%

Elicia's Pizza (multiple locations): 14.33%

Location Info


6335 Clayton, St. Louis, MO

Category: Music

Pirrone's Pizzeria

1775 Washington St., Florissant, MO

Category: Restaurant

Peel Wood Fired Pizza

921 S. Arbor Vitae, Edwardsville, IL

Category: Restaurant

Elicia's Pizza

3209 Gravois St., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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Pirrone's has the worst sauce I ever tasted. It is like pouring sugar all over your pizza, it is too Sweet!

Best Pizzas I have ever eaten were from Saullos in Spanish Lake and the now gone Ponticello's.


Anybody know if Felix's dogtown is related to the old Felix's at 1405 Washington Ave (before it became Tangerine) ?

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