15 "Sexy" Halloween Costumes That Bastardize Foods We Love

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Sriracha is spicy, sure. But sexy? Meh.
Last year Gut Check descended upon Spirit Halloween (301 Costco Way, St. Peters; 636-279-1054) in search of eight tasty food costumes because, duh, we love food. This year, while scouring our in-store and online options, we noticed an unsettling trend: Sexy food costumes are beginning to outnumber our beloved unflattering, unisex food costumes. Sexy banana, sexy tater tot, sexy sriracha bottle, sexy Chinese-takeout box -- these and many more threaten Gut Check's ability to stomach food-themed Halloween costumes. In the interest of vision, we've rounded up fifteen egregious get-ups that should never see the light of day -- or dark of Halloween night.

Sexy Sriracha
Dressing as a Sriracha bottle for Halloween in 2012 is like dressing as the Joker for Halloween in 2008: Everyone gets it, and we're all rolling our eyes. That said, a more clever Sriracha send-up would be wearing an actual sriracha bottle costume, with the green dispenser cap fashioned into a hat and all. By comparison a red tank-top dress with a screen-printed sriracha label is just lazy.

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