RFT vs. Our Readers: Best Food Truck

As we celebrate the Riverfront Times Best of St. Louis 2012, Gut Check is asking you, dear readers, to settle the disagreements between our picks and our readers' poll.

Jennifer Silverberg
The signature dish at Guerrilla Street Food: The "Flying Pig"
Before we begin this battle, an important note: Our first four RFT vs. Our Readers polls close at the end of the day today. So if you haven't registered your vote yet, click on the links below under "See Also".

Now, a battle of heavyweights. Our pick for "Best Food Truck" is Guerrilla Street Food (@guerrillastreet; 314-529-1328). Our readers chose Seoul Taco (@SeoulTaco; 314-517-8916).

Whose cuisine should reign supreme?

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Click here to view the Riverfront Times Best of St. Louis 2012 "Food & Drink" winners.

Location Info

Guerrilla Street Food

@guerrillastreet, St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

Seoul Taco

@SeoulTaco, St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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