New "Ultra Modern" Wendy's Opens on Hampton Avenue Today

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Liz Miller
Everyone knows that's Wendy.
Today, Wendy's opens its first "ultra-modern" fast-casual restaurant in the Greater St. Louis Area at 2130 South Hampton Avenue. By coincidence -- because we haven't been stalking it daily -- Gut Check crashed happened upon the restaurant's grand opening VIP event yesterday evening.

And let's just say Wendy's has had some work done.

Gone are the neutral interiors and basic wooden furnishings that for years defined Wendy's restaurants. The company bills its new builds as "ultra modern," featuring "Midwestern contemporary architecture" inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. Indeed, its splashy red exterior cuts a bold, if not unexpected, figure on Hampton Avenue near Highway 44.

Liz Miller
The exterior of Wendy's 2.0 on Hampton Avenue.
Inside, it's equally bright, with clean lines, leather seating, a recessed fireplace, sleek lighting, digital "menuboards," flat-screen TVs, "Wendy's Wi-Fi" corner with bar seating and large windows that flood the interior with natural light. The traditional fast-food counter model has also been restructured to more resemble a fast-casual model: Guests place orders with one employee, then proceed in line to pick up their food from a separate counter.

Aesthetics are only a part of Wendy's redesign, though. Its menu also reflects a desire to expand the company's market -- and perhaps ascend from fast-food to fast-casual.

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2130 Hampton Ave., St. Louis, MO

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Nice write up on this. Though it would have been nice if you would have included the business's hours like FYI?? That would have been really helpful! OK, A hemmm! I hate to say it buddy, though you'l need to study up on architecture...because these "build"'s are NOT "Mid western Frank Lloyd Wright??" This is modernism from the NEW INTERNATIONAL STYLE spawning the German BuaHuas School of Design! This "platform would be 1940's at best! The architect would be..... Luwig Mies Van Der Rohe! This stylization is a direct descendant from Mies's Barcelona pavillion!! The USA watered down the stylization that manifest its self into such public forms as "housing projects, schools, and other public building especially during the 1940's and up to about maybe the very early 1950's. This Wendy's Build looks exactly like a small Post Office or large modern home from the 1940's! Get it right bozo! :-) LoL :-)

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