Review Preview: Fiesta! Modern Mexican Cuisine

Emily Wasserman
Fiesta! Modern Mexican Cuisine co-owner Roger Aguirre with his wife, Estella
This week I visit Fiesta! Modern Mexican Cuisine (185 Hilltown Village Center, Chesterfield; 636-536-0002). It's not your typical Mexican restaurant -- though maybe not for the reasons its name might lead you to believe.

When partners Roger Aguirre, Gerry Morano and John Signorino announced their plans for Fiesta! Modern Mexican Cuisine late last year, the restaurant's proposed name raised a few eyebrows. Was there a connection to Milagro Modern Mexican in Webster Groves?

There was not.

Well, then, would Fiesta! Modern Mexican Cuisine, as its name might suggest, be charting a path similar to Milagro's, viewing Mexican cuisine not as a cookie cutter of gringo-friendly dishes of questionable provenance -- anyone know offhand who first dropped a burrito in the deep-fryer to create the chimichanga? -- but as a living tradition of vast and, in the U.S., still largely unexplored scope?

Visit Gut Check tomorrow for the answer to that question, the rest of the review and a slideshow of Fiesta! Modern Mexican Cuisine.

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