7 Foods the St. Louis Rams Shouldn't Eat in London

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Run from these foods, Rams.
Early Tuesday morning the St. Louis Rams touched down at Heathrow Airport in London. On Sunday the team faces off against the New England Patriots in the annual NFL game in fabled Wembley Stadium.

Sure, there isn't a lot of European interest in American football -- perhaps the Rams should consider calling their sport "soccer" abroad -- but that doesn't mean the two teams can't at least enjoy the city and culture of London. And if they successfully avoid these seven English foods, there's no reason they shouldn't.

Bovril (Beef Tea)

This is basically bouillon, except instead of adding flavor to the base of a soup or stew, you mix it with hot water and drink it like tea.

In defense of beef tea, not enough hot drinks cause hypertension.

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