5 More St. Louis Drive-Thru Restaurant Crimes (Drunk Lady at Hardee's Not Included)

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Frustrated McDonald's Drive-Thru Customer Trashes Cash Register
In October, a man in Springfield, Missouri was mad as hell at a McDonald's drive-thru window employee and wasn't going to take it anymore. The man entered the drive-thru lane and ordered a chicken sandwich with no mayo. There must have been some static on the line, however, as the McDonald's employee taking his order heard chicken sandwich and a Powerade through the drive-thru intercom. This error so enraged the customer at the drive-thru window that he spewed vitriol at the employee until a manager informed him the restaurant would no longer serve him. At this, he exited his vehicle, barreled into the eatery, picked up a cash register off the counter and slammed it to the floor.

Teenager Killed After Shooting in McDonald's Drive-Thru
In May 2009, Timothy A. Cherry Jr., 19, was in the drive-thru lane of a north county McDonald's around 10 p.m. when he was shot by an unknown assailant. Cherry, of the 5900 block of Drury in north St. Louis, was able to steer his PT Cruiser three blocks away from the Northwood's restaurant before crashing the vehicle. He died at the scene. Three other people inside Cherry's car were uninjured from gunfire but taken to an area hospital for injuries sustained in the crash. No suspect or motive has ever been made public.

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