New Buffet Restaurant for Richmond Heights

Ian Froeb
Looks like the former Outback Steakhouse at 6710 Clayton Road in Richmond Heights, next to the AMC Esquire 7, will soon have a new tenant after several years of sitting empty. Signage is up announcing Dynasty, featuring hibachi, sushi, seafood and a buffet. (Or a buffet featuring hibachi, sushi, seafood and -- presumably -- many other things, if you want to read it that way.)

Ian Froeb
Haven't been able to learn much more about this restaurant as of yet. However, as you might able to see from the above shot of the rear of the building -- where, as with the former Outback, the entrance to the restaurant appears to be -- exterior and (not apparent from this photo but spotted by yours truly) interior work are both still ongoing. More as we learn it.

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