First Look: Sultan Palace Bakery and Cafe Serves Shawarma and More on South Grand

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Mabel Suen
Chicken shawarma.
Nakhlah worked his way up from doing dishes at a restaurant in his homeland of Jerusalem when a cook didn't arrive for his shift. For three years, he mastered items such as grilled chicken, hummus and beef kabob -- all of which he proudly serves on his own menu today. He also learned how to prepare bakery items from a friend in the process.

The "bakery" part of his business is still in the works, as evidenced by the unpainted portion of the building's two room set-up. It serves as a contrast to the subtly sparkly gold walls in the dining room that are decked out with a few decorative plates, pictures, tapestries, jewelry and pottery.

Mabel Suen
Chef-owner Sufyan Nakhlah.
The bakery will serve coffee and donuts, but not the American kind, Nakhlah says. While he can't provide a specific name for his pastries, he describes them with the assistance of his sister-in-law, who helpfully provides translated food descriptions while hanging around after a late brunch. The donuts will be "wrapped" and contain dates and cinnamon.

At Sultan Palace Bakery and Cafe, Nakhlah says everything "comes from zero" and is "cooked in the hand," which we take to mean completely from scratch. He says that even the pita bread -- big, round fluffy pillows of bread that come out with hummus or envelop grilled meats and veggies -- get made in-house.

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Sultan Palace Bakery and Cafe

4144 S. Grand Blvd., St. Louis, MO

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