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Liz Miller
Executive chef Wilfrin Fernandez (right) instructs a team member in the kitchen.
"Most of the kitchens [where] I worked in New York were open kitchens," Fernandez says. "It's entertainment for the guests, also it's good for the cook as well. From the standpoint of cooking, it's good to keep it quiet, you know what they're doing."

Open kitchens don't just transmit transparency, though. According to Fernandez, the real luxury an open kitchen affords chefs is opportunity to meet and interact with guests of the restaurant. He says the restaurant plans to cut and serve meat from the two chef's tables directly in front of the kitchen.

"At the same time I like to have connection with the cooks and the customers. We'll have two chefs tables that we'll feed people from, some specials every night. Cut a piece of meat from the grill, rotisserie or smoker. It's a showpiece of the restaurant. My station is in the dining room. I like to talk to people, I like to explain to people the way the food is cooked. It's a good feeling when you see happy people at tables. They like the food, they see the decor, they see the kitchen."

In addition the Restaurant at the Cheshire, the property will also soon house an events space above the restaurant called Upstairs at The Cheshire and two additional eateries: Basso, a gastro-pub featuring Italian food including wood-fired pizzas, pastas and 32 beers on tap slated to open in the building's basement in mid-December, and the Market, a fast-casual cafe and grocery shop attached to the Restaurant at the Cheshire scheduled to open in early 2013. Fernandez-Cruz says the Market will sell all of the house-made items served in the restaurant, such as smoked meats, pasta, cake, bread, sandwiches, rotisserie chicken, olive oil, wines and more. Fernandez describes the collection of businesses as a one-stop destination offering something for everyone.

"You have everything you need in one complex," Fernandez says. "A restaurant with great food and wine; downstairs there's 32 beers on tap, pizzas, pastas, small plates; a banquet facility; the Market where you can sit down, read a newspaper, have a glass of wine or just have a sandwich with cappuccino or espresso, or buy a good bottle of wine or olive oil to take home. That's my goal: Make sure that people come here and feel like there's something on the menu for them."

Liz Miller
Executive chef Wilfrin Fernandez (left) instructs staff in the kitchen.

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The Restaurant at the Cheshire

6300 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO

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