First Look: Whisk A Sustainable Bakeshop Hits the Sweet Spot on Cherokee Street

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Mabel Suen
A cranberry hand pie and apple cinnamon pop tartlet; The menu at Whisk.
A true locavore to the core, Wissinger purchases her produce and dairy products from the farmers themselves during the appropriate seasons, often with the aid of Local Harvest Grocery. Summer treats included strawberry basil and watermelon jalapeno popsicles. Fall flavors on her current menu spotlight the likes of pumpkin, squash and sweet potatoes.

Mabel Suen
"I get to shake hands with and pay farmers who pick the things right out of their farms," says Wissinger. "I've visited a couple of the places where I buy stuff from and get to see where they live, how they work, what they do. I like having that special relationship."

Mabel Suen
Chai and hibiscus ReTrailer teas.
At any given time, expect to choose from a constantly changing line-up of baked goods, including at least one kind of cupcake and two types of cookies. Other key players on the menu include fudge brownies, pie, "pop tartlettes" and homemade versions of candy bars and snack cakes. Vegan and gluten-free options are also available alongside local hot brews of Kuva coffee and ReTrailer teas.

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Whisk: A Sustainable Bakeshop

2201 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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