Jimmy Dean Recalls French Toast & Sausage Sandwich

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Do you love French toast? Do you love (beef) sausage? Do you enjoy saving time by eating a sandwich of a (beef) sausage patty on a French toast bun? Do you have any allergic reactions to egg or soy products?

Then this might be the blog post for you.

Jimmy Dean (the company, not the man; he passed away in 2010) has voluntarily recalled its "butcher-wrapped" French Toast & Sausage Sandwich because of undisclosed egg and soy ingredients.

("Why would a French toast and sausage sandwich need soy?" you ask while Michael Pollan slumps against the corner wall, weeping softly.)

The recall applies only to sandwiches with the UPC code 5450051434 and the code 12292P1. Missouri is among the states in which the sandwich was distributed.

However, Jimmy Dean would like you to know that no other Jimmy Dean products -- specifically, something called Jimmy Dean Delights French Toast Griddlers -- are subject to this recall.

If you're wondering what all goes into a French Toast & Sausage Sandwich, here's a pic, via the FDA, of the ingredient label:


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