Livery Company Debuts its Inaugural Cocktail Menu

Mabel Suen
In July, Livery Company (3211 Cherokee Street) opened in the Cherokee Arts District, combining the charms of a dimly lit dive with a speakeasy-style vibe. The casual atmosphere accompanies a similarly paced development - the bar rolled out its first seasonal cocktail menu this fall.

Emily Ebeling looks young for a bar owner, and it turns out she's only 24-years-old. The lights are ever so low. It's almost hard to see her during our chat from across a square table that's sandwiched between a small stage in the window and the bar -- which was built by her father, with materials from an old schoolhouse.

Mabel Suen
The interior and exterior of Livery Company.
To make the re-purposed wood feel more at home, a pull-down style map of the world (think childhood classroom) covers the room's largest section of open wall space alongside prints and paintings proudly showcasing the neighborhood.

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Livery Company

3211 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO

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