Missouri's Mount Pleasant Winery Featured in November Issue of Wine Enthusiast Magazine

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The entrance to Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta, Missouri.

GC: California is known for their cabernet and Oregon is known for pinot noir. For those who aren't as familiar with Missouri wines, what varietals does Missouri bring to the table?

CD: We have two fantastic grape varieties. We have a white variety called vignoles. It's really a fabulous springtime wine that can be finished anywhere from a dryer style to a semi-dry and really make outstanding wine. The other grape variety that Missouri is known for is its nortons. There are several producers of this grape. Missouri nortons are the best in the country, even with respect to Virginia and other states that have been growing nortons for a long time. I think the Missouri nortons are the best you can find anywhere in the world. That grape has a wonderful history behind it, a great story to play out and how its truly an American grape varietal. I think once people get to know that grape varietal, I think they'll really enjoy it a lot.

GC: What does the future for Mount Pleasant Winery look like?

CD: We just simply want to make better wines. One things we need to make better wines is consumer demand. We're finding that as our wines are improving, the people who are coming out to visit us, they are demanding higher and higher quality and better and better service and products to purchase. We see ourselves trying to meet our customer's demands and trying to really continue to make ourselves better and make our products better to see where it'll take us. I see the whole Augusta region developing into not necessarily a Napa Valley, but something more along the lines of a Sonoma or Columbia River Valley; a great place to visit. It's not as pretentious as Napa or Bordeaux, but the quality is very good, and they'll have a great time here.

The following wines were reviewed by Wine Enthusiast and are based on a 100 point scale:
Mount Pleasant 2008 Bethlehem Valley Norton, 85 points
Mount Pleasant 2010 Estates Merlot, 84 points
Mount Pleasant 2008 Estates Norton, 84 points
Mount Pleasant 2007 Bethlehem Valley Norton, 83 points
Mount Pleasant Estates Cabernet Sauvignon, 83 points
Mount Pleasant Winery Norton, 83 points
Mount Pleasant Winery Villagio Off Dry Blend, 82 points
Mount Pleasant 2010 Estates St. Vincent, 85 points (sold out; enjoy Mount Pleasant 2011 Estates St. Vincent)
Mount Pleasant 2010 Estates Vignoles, 86 points (sold out; enjoy Mount Pleasant 2011 Estates Vignoles)
Mount Pleasant 2010 Estates Villagio, 86 points (sold out; enjoy Mount Pleasant 2011 Estates Villagio)

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Mount Pleasant Estates

5634 High St., Augusta, MO

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