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Mabel Suen
This week, I visit Sauce on the Side (903 Pine Street; 314-241-5667), the new downtown spot specializing in calzones.

One day, when three-month-old Sauce on the Side has expanded from its modest original location downtown to become a local, regional or maybe even national chain, the story of its founding will be printed on the back of its menu. It goes a little something like this.

Friends and St. Louis restaurant vets Brendan Maciariello, Ryan Mangialardo and Daniel Porzel wanted to open a restaurant. But what kind? They considered that hippest of hip casual concepts, the gourmet burger joint, but the idea just didn't suit them. Then one morning Mangialardo awoke with a single thought on his mind: Calzones.

He called Maciariello. "Calzones."

"I'm hungry," Maciariello replied. "I'm down for calzones."

"No," Mangialardo said. "What do you think about doing a calzone shop?"

Visit Gut Check tomorrow to read my review and view a slideshow of Sauce on the Side.

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Sauce on the Side

903 Pine St., St. Louis, MO

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