Salt Restaurant Files for Bankruptcy [Updated with Comment from Salt]

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Salt restaurant in the Central West End
The acclaimed Central West End restaurant Salt (4356 Lindell Boulevard; 314-932-5787) on Monday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Missouri. In its petition, a copy of which Gut Check has obtained, the restaurant claims to have debts of between $100,000 and $500,000 compared with assets of no more than $50,000.

Danielle A. Suberi of the Clayton law firm Desai Eggmann Mason filed the petition on behalf of American Larder LLC (Salt's corporate name). Gut Check was unable to reach Suberi for comment.

Salt was open as scheduled Monday evening.

Update: (Tuesday, November 20, 11:46 a.m.) Attempts to reach Salt today have so far been unsuccessful, as have attempts to reach C. Scott Brinkman, the attorney representing the restaurant in its suit against its landlord. (Brinkman's firm is listed among American Larder's creditors in the bankruptcy petition.)

Update #2: (Tuesday, November, 11:54 a.m.) We just heard from Salt co-owner Matt Obermark. "We have no change in hours," Obermark tells us. "We're operating as usual." Obermark adds that the restaurant, through its lawyer, will be releasing a more formal statement later today. More as we have it.

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The petition lists a total of 52 creditors. It includes specific dollar amounts only for the twenty creditors to which American Larder owes the most money. These twenty debts alone total $301,596.26.

The petition lists a total of 52 creditors. It includes specific dollar amounts only for the twenty creditors to which American Larder owes the most money. Those amounts total $301,596.26. Among them are $75,436.27 to the IRS in withholding tax, $35,929.72 to the Missouri Department of Revenue in sales tax and $41,000 to Rewards Network Establishment Services, a Chicago firm. Other creditors include Bob's Seafood ($6,600), produce purveyor Sunfarm ($6,269.45), Ameren UE ($5,265.31) and liquor distributor Major Brands ($3,263.13).

Read the bankruptcy petition on the next page.

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Food is absolutely great, I loved to go there when I was in town on business.  Such a disappointment to discover that it's being run by calculated criminals! Management knew what they were doing from day one and believe it or not I'm quite sure they were prepared for this.  There personal assets will be left intact....Guarantee it!!  LLC!!!  They were prepared for this and they already have a team of attorneys ready and absolutely able to keep anyone from going to prison.  The bankruptcy they are facing is all in the plan.  Here is some other related info I found useful:

jealousblues1 topcommenter

always wanted to go there but never could find the time since we had the baby


Sounds like they could have had it all, but clearly managed TERRIBLY. So sad bc the food is awesome, and they won;t stay open with this mess.


Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

And an LLC to boot. I'll bet the owners boat, summer house, and vehicles are all doing well, safe and sound.

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

Another one of those businesses "driving the economy! "

Michael Mahler
Michael Mahler

How do you chalk up $75,000 in withholding taxes in a year and a half? How many people do they employ???? I've certainly fallen behind with my bills... but it sounds like they've never paid their taxes or rent from day one! Someone's goin' to jail.

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