Eight Superior Alternatives to Thanksgiving Turkey

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How can a turkey possibly compare to this?
Barbecue Ribs Or maybe there's nothing more American than barbecue. Native Americans did, in fact, invent the twin arts of slow-cooking their food in a pit in the ground and of smoking their meat. Why can't we honor them for a change? (We have to admit, we chose ribs somewhat arbitrarily, mostly because it's our favorite form of barbecue. Thanksgiving should be all about eating as the spirit moves you.)

Also, if we're going to absorb all those extra calories, oh, please, please, let them be from something as tasty as barbecue, not as bland as turkey.

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Lobster Lobster prices are currently the lowest they've been in 30 years. This is because last winter was unusually warm, which led to more lobsters than usual. The price of turkey, meanwhile, continues to rise. So, uh, be thankful for one of the opportunities brought to us by global warming?

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