Entre's John Perkins Discusses Pop-Up Chicken Restaurant Le Coq and Future Plans

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The month-long Le Coq project will also serve as an advertisement for Entre.

"The idea is, we've got this great event space that really nobody knows about," Perkins says. "Doing something like this gives us a chance to build visibility. We have chunks of time, slow months [for the catering business]. This is the way to keep ourselves busy in what would otherwise be a dead time of year."

Though Le Coq will end with the month of January, Perkins tells Gut Check he already has plans for three more pop-up concepts throughout the year. In April, he will unveil a comfort-food restaurant called A Good Man Is Hard to Find (after the classic Flannery O'Connor short story -- though we hope with fewer acts of murder involved). This summer there will be a vegetarian pop-up called Green. Finally, in the latter part of 2013, Perkins will run a "hyperlocal" pop-up called Black Walnut, which will draw everything it serves from within 25 to 50 miles.

"By everything, I mean everything," Perkins adds.

Fans of Perkins' "underground" dinners can take comfort in the news that he will continue to offer the meals in some format. However, he says, "I needed to revamp what we were doing. This is kind of the new direction we're going to be heading."

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"A whole roasted chicken served in a cast-iron skillet with two sides and dessert for $160."After looking at the menu and this little nugget above, I'm still shaking my head in disbelief.  It's not that St. Louis doesn't have the market and money for good food, but there are limits to pretension.  40 bucks a head for a quarter of chicken, potatoes with sides and dessert (doughnuts?!?).  Costing it out, a chicken and ingredients 20 bucks tops (if it's organic free-range it will be a smaller bird to boot), your sides and potatoes for four top out at maybe 30, and doughnuts are not even 5.  I'm being extremely generous on the prices.  So you make over 100 bucks a cover.  I'll throw in 20 bucks in labor so you double your money on something that isn't even all that inspired (everything on your menu can be prepped in mass so labor is low item for item).    I've eaten in Michelin star restaurants in France and Italy and they wouldn't have the balls to ask for this.Clearly broken, delusional, cynical and absolutely shameless.  Barramundi crudo?  Why not just put Tuna tartar on the menu and pretend it's 2006 if you're going to be lazy.

jcthelilly topcommenter

"A whole roasted chicken served in a cast-iron skillet with two sides and dessert for $160."???  HA! HA! HA!  You must think very highly of yourself.  Sheeple will come.  Good luck. 

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