Top Ten Dishes 2012 #8: "Dad's Green-Chile Cheeseburger" at Five Star Burgers

I'm counting down the top ten dishes from the new restaurants that I reviewed in 2012. Read the complete series to date.

Jennifer Silverberg
The green-chile cheeseburger at Five Star Burgers
#8. "Dad's Green-Chile Cheeseburger" at Five Star Burgers (8125 Maryland Avenue, Clayton; 314-720-4350)

"Dad's Green Chile Cheeseburger" (the recipe is from owner Steve Gontram's father) features hatch chiles from New Mexico in three ways: a layer of raw chiles beneath the burger; a layer of battered and deep-fried chiles atop the patty and its two slices of pepperjack cheese and, on the side, a green-chile mayonnaise. The chiles add heat, of course, but the fried chiles provide textural contrast, while the mayo gives another layer of lusciousness to the meat and melted cheese. It's a great burger.

-- from "Stellar Work" LINK TK (December 13, 2012)


#9: The pambazo at Siete Luminarias
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Five Star Burgers

8125 Maryland Ave., Clayton, MO

Category: Restaurant

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