8 Flavors Ben & Jerry's Should Consider For Its New 30 Rock Ice Cream

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Muffin Topped
Unlike Jenna Maroney's song "Muffin Top," the ice cream we have in mind with be neither "whole grain" nor "low fat" but still, you'll want a piece (ahem, a scoop?) or two of that.

Donaghy Estates Grape
In Gut Check's honest opinion, one of the funniest first season episodes of 30 Rock is "The Source Awards." The Jack Donaghy subplot in this episode sees rapper Ghostface Killah promoting Jack's undrinkable sparkling wine Donaghy Estates, which according to wine critic Robert Parker's wine newsletter, "Tastes like Satan's urine after a hefty portion of asparagus."

For our purposes, we'll not lift from those tasting notes, but instead grape, because it's based on a varietal of sparkling wine, and because it kind of rhymes with "estates." Whatever. Donaghy Estates Grape would make a regal, if not unpalatable, ice cream flavor.

Tracy Jordan Almond, or "The Funcooker"
Jordon almonds are a kind of love 'em or hate 'em candy, not unlike nutty Tracy Jordan. Of course we fall into the former category, but Tracy has his fair share of enemies: hip-hop producer Ridikolous, Conan O'Brien and the blue dude he only sees when he's off his meds, among others.

But if you embrace Tracy's crazy, Tracy Jordan Almond is the ice cream flavor for you.

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