8 Flavors Ben & Jerry's Should Consider For Its New 30 Rock Ice Cream

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30 Rocky Road
Well, this one more or less wrote itself. Still, the classic rocky-road combination of chocolate ice cream, nuts and marshmallows is pure rich indulgence, words we also associate with watching an episode of 30 Rock.

Double Fudge, Dummies
We probably have to thank Liz Lemon's unshakeable ex-boyfriend Dennis Duffy for adding "dummy" and "dummies" to Liz's regular list of insults. And thank him we do, because dammit, it makes us laugh every time. The word is so tied to Liz Lemon's character now that when Liz got married in season seven, the episode title was "Mazel Tov, Dummies!"

And though this is kind of leap, we're going to guess Liz also has a thing for fudge. Multiply that by two and you get "Double Fudge, Dummies," an ice cream flavor we'd happily -- if not carefully as to not insult Ben & Jerry's staff -- order any day, dummies.

Liz Lemony, or "Lesbian Yellow Sour Fruit"
In yesterday's post we said we'd be kind of bummed if Ben and Jerry's named its 30 Rock flavor a too-obvious "Liz Lemony" or something of the like. While we do think that's too obvious a name, it would be awesome to have that character immortalized forever in...ice cream.

Thinking of Liz Lemon's name also reminds us of the season four episode "The Problem Solvers," wherein her name is translated in Chinese to Lesbian Yellow Sour Fruit on the cover of a knockoff book of Dealbreakers. Perhaps that, more than all of these other suggestions, best captures the spirit of 30 Rock in ice cream.

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