First Look: Downtown's MX Movies Makes Dinner and a Movie Way Too Easy

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Mabel Suen
The friendly concession stand staff is ready to bag up some popcorn and top it with the likes of truffle salt and bacon dust for a couple extra bucks.
Patrons can grab snacks such as premium Parmesan and black pepper popcorn and Pint Size Bakery oatmeal cream pies from the concession stand, or can instantly tell a robot to fetch refreshments and food by barely lifting a finger -- literally, that's all you have to do.

Simply select the desired menu item such as a Salume Beddu salami sandwich ($8) or sweet potato poutine ($7) via a tablet (there's one hiding under every two seats) and have hot food delivered straight to the small swivel table installed on your plush easy chair. That's right, folks. Somebody find Marty McFly -- we have officially arrived to the future. Yikes.

Mabel Suen
(Left) You're never more than a seat away from the aisle in these posh seats. (Right) Part of the lounge-like area at the bar.

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MX Movies

618 Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Film

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