Review Preview: Vida Mexican Kitchen y Cantina and Arcelia's

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Rease Kirchner
Tacos at Vida Mexican Kitchen y Cantina
After six years, this gig still manages to surprise me.

This week might seem like a no-brainer. On the one hand, you have the return of a beloved St. Louis restaurant: Arcelia's (1928 South 12th Street; 314-241-1378).

On the other hand, you have a chain Mexican restaurant in a shopping mall: Vida Mexican Kitchen y Cantina (at St. Louis Galleria, South Brentwood Boulevard & Clayton Road, Richmond Heights; 314-863-1150).

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What's more, Vida has the same corporate parent as its next-door neighbor at St. Louis Galleria, Blackfinn American Grille, a restaurant I found, to be kind, aggressively underwhelming.

Funny thing, though. American's understanding of and appreciation for Mexican cuisine has evolved a great deal in recent years -- and it continues to evolve. And while Vida likely isn't a restaurant for those of you who already have a favorite taqueria and own the entire library of Rick Bayless and Diana Kennedy cookbooks, for a chain restaurant in a shopping mall, it's positively progressive.

As for Arcelia's, nostalgia has a powerful hold. But is that hold enough tosustain you through a meal? Visit Gut Check tomorrow to read my review.

Location Info

Arcelia's - CLOSED

1928 S. 12th St., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

Vida Mexican Kitchen y Cantina - CLOSED

1137 St Louis Galleria, St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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