Tidbits: Gravois Grill, Carondelet Diner, Shaw Garden Brewery

Geez, you take a few weeks off around the holidays, and the tidbits really start to pile up. Let's try to make some headway on the backlog...

- Received a tip about possible changes at Gravois Grill (515 Gravois Road, Fenton; 636-349-5030). I'm being circumspect about the specifics because I haven't been able to confirm what the tipster told me. However, calls to the restaurant's listed number ring through to what sounds like a fax machine or old-school dial-up internet. What's more, the restaurant's website is blank but for the following text:

WHY GROOM YOUR PET? Like humans, dogs and cats require regular grooming to stay healthy. Without regular bathing, pets are more susceptible to ringworms and mites, as well as to infections in the mouth, nose, eyes and ears. Matted or unbrushed fur can pull uncomfortably on skin and lead to hot spots; improper nail care can lead to early arthritis.

We report; you decide. More as we learn it.

- Ligaya Figueras of Sauce reports that Carondelet Diner (321 East Davis Street; 314-875-9994) has shuttered. Turns out the restaurant, which opened at the beginning of 2012, shuttered around Thanksgiving. A post on the restaurant's Facebook page offers a little more insight:

Sorry, we are no longer in business. We are moving on to bigger and better things, my family and I will keep you posted through this page to let you know when our place opens. Thanks for the support over the year, we hope to see you in the New year!!

- Finally, Evan Benn of the Post-Dispatch broke the news yesterday that Dr. John Witte, brewmaster for of Square One Brewery & Distillery (1727 Park Avenue; 314-231-2537) and, formerly, Trailhead Brewing Co. (921 South Riverside Drive, St. Charles; 636-946-2739), hopes to open a brewpub called Shaw Garden Brewery at 4066 Russell Boulevard in the city's Shaw neighborhood. The blighted property is a former gas station.

Location Info

Trailhead Brewing Co.

921 S. Riverside Drive, St. Charles, MO

Category: Music

Gravois Grill

515 Gravois Road, Fenton, MO

Category: Restaurant

Square One Brewery

1727 Park Ave, St. Louis, MO

Category: Music

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I went to Carondelet Diner - once. I was alone which can be weird enough for a woman in an unfamiliar restaurant but I was slightly hung over & needing greasy diner food. The male owner upon seeing me and only me standing at the door bellows across the whole room:"You're alone? You're eating alone?" I say yes and the redhead daughter? part owner/server takes my drink order and the doofus male owner comes back to my table and as loud as he could yells, again "You are dining alone? Nobody us meeting you here? So you're alone?" Yes MORON I am alone and guess what else? I am NEVER coming back to this diner no matter how drunk or hungover I may be because you have all the tact of a nagging Mother-in-law asking why she doesn't have grandchildren yet. Newsflash: most people ALONE in restaurants are either that way because they want to be or are secretly mortified that they are alone and really do not want the restaurant owner to point & shout "Hey look at her - she's eating alone!" Your restaurant deserved to fail!

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