Top 10 Booze Brands From Luxco, St. Louis-Based Maker of Everclear

6. Yago Sant'gria
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Gut Check has a vague memory of Yago being one of the original bottled sangrias, back when companies first started selling sangria in bottles. The spelling -- Sant'gria? -- totally throws us, though, as do the hideous graphics. All the more reason to love the stuff. If we were to purchase some -- which, rest assured, we won't -- we'd buy it at Walmart.

5. Saint Brendan's Irish Cream

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Saint Brendan's, crows Luxco, is (emphasis Gut Check's) "the authentic Irish cream liqueur." Sure, and Ezra Brooks is the authentic bourbon named after some dude. But unlike both Jack Daniel's and Baileys, here Luxco gets the apostrophe placement right -- as in they put it where any halfway-literate person would put it.

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