Poll: Vote for the Most Boinkable Fast-Food Mascot!

Categories: List Mania!

Smokin' Seaman Long John Silver.
Long John Silver (Long John Silver's) He has a parrot who wears a matching hat. If that's not awesome, nothing is. It is, perhaps, needless to add that he's a pirate and his name is Long John Silver. A side of krums and we're good to go. Arrrrrrrrrr!

Will he steal your heart, among other things?
Hamburglar (McDonald's) Few men can claim they look great in horizontal stripes, but the Hamburglar sure does. He's also a thief, and we find that whole bad-boy persona pretty enticing. Additionally, his "robble-robble-robble" is precisely the sound one makes while eating out, if you catch our drift. At any rate, it's a good bet this little bastard is a cunning linguist of the highest order.

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