Poll: Vote for the Most Boinkable Fast-Food Mascot!

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Flashes of Splash starring Daryl Hannah, no?
The Siren (Starbucks) You can't tell from the current logo, but the Starbucks mascot is a twin-tailed siren, a.k.a. a Melusine. Yes, siren, as in the beautiful mythic sea goddesses who lure sailors to their deaths with their haunting melodies. And yes, twin-tailed, as in we finally solved the mystery of how to boink a mermaid. Just try not to get all hot and bothered next time you walk into a Starbucks and take a gander at the logo. You're welcome.

Wendy's classic mascot logo gets a grown-up upgrade in the chain's new TV commercials.
Wendy (Wendy's) Wendy's founder Dave Thomas named his fast-food chain after his daughter and made her the mascot in 1969, and though the years may not have not been overly kind to the real-life Wendy, her cartoon alter ego is still lookin' fine. OK, so she's a little young, but If you need proof that Wendy is not, in fact, jailbait, just check out some of her fan fiction. Read that again: The Wendy's mascot has spawned fast-food fan fiction -- and neither we nor anyone else in Mascotland can stop staring at her tits.

So tell us: Who would you boink?

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