10 Most Offensive, Ridiculous "Sad Desk Lunch" Photos

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Sad Desk Lunch Caption: "Best part about Mac keyboards: food doesn't get stuck in the cracks. Serious #saddesklunch problem."

Nevermind the obvious time and forethought that went into the prep of this salad. You have to eat it at your desk because life is hard and this dumb salad is to blame.

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Sad Desk Lunch Caption: "Happy Monday! On a scale to 1 to completely depressed, how are you? Well, if you're veering towards an 11, I suggest you get a burrito bowl to be a silver lining. xoxo, Sad Desk Lunch."

Eating a burrito bowl at your desk is worse than "completely depressed" on this very scientific scale. Or wait, it's the silver lining to the worst Monday ever? Either way, quit your griping while in the presence of a burrito bowl.

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Sad Desk Lunch Caption: "Glistening goos of sushi/sparkles in the light/is it delicious?. - Free verse poem by me."

Sure, to-go sushi is no match for the fresher, made-to-order stuff -- but um, what's so sad about it? There was a time when Gut Check tried to buy a 33-cent package of Top Ramen at a grocery store but left empty handed because our debit card was declined. We didn't even have 33 cents in our checking account for Top Ramen. Defeat is a sad desk lunch. Enjoy your sushi, you monster.

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