14 St. Louis Celebrities Who Ought to Name a Candy After Themselves

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"Chakalates" chocolate by Chaka Khan.
In the lead-up to this past weekend's Grammy Awards, Gut Check received a press release announcing singer Chaka Khan's new line of chocolates and candles, which were released in the Grammy "gift lounge" this past Thursday. The singer sure had fun naming these new products. The chocolates are called Chakalates, the candles branded Khana Sutra.

And that got Gut Check to thinking: Why the hell didn't someone think of this sooner?

Also: There must be some St. Louis celebs who are long overdue for their own candy, complete with punny product names.

Here are fourteen candidates who might consider taking the hint.

It's nearly Valentine's Day, fer crying out loud! (Just sayin'.)

Image of John Goodman courtesy
John Goodman & Plenty
John Goodman & Plenty
Can anyone really get enough of Affton-born thespian John Goodman? Certainly not citizens of his hometown, and if his lengthy Hollywood résumé is any indicator, not citizens of the world, either. Enter John Goodman & Plenty, a licorice-flavored treat that offers a lot to love.

Chuck's Berries
OK, so this one's low-hanging fruit, but by the same token, Chuck and his people should be all over it.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee's Kisses
Kersee's Kisses achieve two goals: They make chocolate the food of an Olympic medalist, which would make Gut Check feel a lot better about eating an entire bag of 'em. Also, that's a solid rhyme. That's way better than "Chakalates"!

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