Your Fast-Food Lent Options Are Bountiful

Categories: Fish Fry Frenzy

Hardee's The chain also known as Carl's Jr. has a fair amount of options suited to Lent duty. The Fish Supreme, a breaded-fish sandwich, will appeal to those who wish they were at McDonald's, while the Fish N Chips Basket will allow you to very unconvincingly pretend you're in Jolly Olde England. Gut Check, having tuned in to the Super Bowl, is going with the Cod Fish Sandwich.

(You're welcome.)

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fish slider.jpg
White Castle Home to tiny sliders and red-eyed college students, White Castle offers seafood options, from Fish Sliders to bite-size Fish Nibblers and Shrimp Nibblers.

Jack in the Box Nothing too extreme from Mr. Box, who offers a "Fish Sandwich." How about some fish tacos? Just throwing it out there, Jack.

The breakfast specialists dip into a Fish & Chips special. So, IHOP, when's that unlimited-pancake deal happening again?

And finally, a Reel Big Fillet, plus the other other white meat...

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