10 Fast Food Valentine's Day Specials for St. Louis Lovers

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Krispy Kreme
Here at Gut Check, we don't have any actual (read: human) valentines, so Krispy Kreme's deal seems pretty sweet. When you buy a dozen donuts now through February 14, you'll get twelve valentine cards redeemable for a free donut. That's right. This year instead of having our fragile heart trampled on by that beast called love, Gut Check is just going to turn around and give those pretty little Krispy Kreme valentines right back to the donut maker. No sharing. Then, we will drown our sorrows in Sprinkled Heart, Chocolate Iced Heart and Valentine Sprinkles donuts and fall into an interminable sugar coma.

Dunkin Donuts
If you're looking for something cream-filled this holiday (and we are, wink wink) Dunkin Donuts has you covered. They are once again offering the Cupid's Choice Donut, a heart-shaped confection filled with Bavarian Cream and topped with festive sprinkles. This delicacy will run you 310 calories, but we think deciding how best to burn them is the real treat.
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Qdoba has a great deal for lonely hearts this Valentine's Day. When you buy one entrée, you get one free -- if you kiss someone in front of the cash register. Bring along a date or, according to the rules, kiss a "willing stranger" and he or she will get a free meal. Just, you know, don't be creepy about it. Even worse than not having a date is someone refusing free food if it means she doesn't have to kiss you.

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