First Look: Jet's Pizza in Ballwin

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Evan C. Jones
Jet's Pizza in Ballwin.

-In addition to its signature deep-dish, Jet's also carries thin-crust, hand-tossed and the Bold Fold, a thin New York style pizza.

-Additional menu items feature wings, Jet's Bread (cheese bread; optional bacon or pepperoni), salads, subs and calzones called Boats.

-Pizza by-the-slice is available all day.

-If you're looking for as much deep dish crust as possible, try the "8 Corner Pizza." Two smaller deep dish pizzas are served together in the same box, cut into corner slices. Gut Check sampled this one, and Gut Check approved.

-"Flavorize" your crust. It's complimentary, and adds a nice touch to the pizza. If you're not going on a first date, we recommend the Turbo Crust: butter, garlic and Romano cheese.

Location Info

Jet's Pizza

14940 Manchester Road, Ballwin, MO

Category: Restaurant

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