An Instagram Homage to Four Loko

four loko waffles2.jpg
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Part of a well-balanced breakfast.
Last week, Gut Check reported on the FTC's agreement with Phusion Projects wherein the company who sells the infamous "alcopop" Four Loko will start printing clear warnings on the labels about the amount of alcohol per big ass can. The whole kerfluffle got Gut Check thinking: We know folks love their Four Loko, but how do they count the ways, so to speak?

Instagram proved a veritable gold mine of photographic odes to Four Loko, and we were struck both by the sheer number of photos as well as the brilliant artistry of them all. We also detected artistic themes within the Four Loko Instagram genre, and these themes were just too good to keep to ourselves.

So sit back, crack open an ice cold 23.5-ounce can of awesome, and get click on through our Four Loko gallery.

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