No Reservations: Gut Check's Valentine's Day Fast-Food Experiment

Wendy's: Wendy's, may I help you?

Riverfront Times: Hi, I'm calling on behalf of my employer. He's interested in making a reservation for Valentine's Day around 7:30.

We don't do reservations. This is a fast-food company.

Oh. I mean, I know it's fast food, but he was wondering if I could do that.

We don't even do reservations.

Travis Pitts
Grown-up Wendy topped our poll of boinkable fast-food mascots. To read more, click here.

All right. He told me that Wendy's is his girlfriend's favorite restaurant, and they wanted to eat there on Valentine's Day. Are you expecting a large crowd?

I'm not sure.

All right. Do you have any Valentine's Day specials?

No, ma'am.

OK. If he wanted to make it more romantic, say, by bringing a tablecloth and candles -- could he do that?

That's fine.

He's actually planning on proposing to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day, and he was wondering -- do you have a sign outside?

What kind of sign? Yeah....

Like, one with those movable letters. Is there any way he could come in and speak to you about getting "Will you marry me, Karen?" spelled out there?

Yeah, I can do that. That is so sweet!

They went on their first date at Wendy's, apparently.

And they're going to be at this location?


Yeah, I can do that. I'm actually off on Valentine's Day, so what day did he want to come over and talk to me?

Maybe the day before?

Yeah, that's fine.

I'll have him come in, then.

I don't work that night. Have him come in Tuesday.

Tuesday. All right, I can do that.

Yeah, we can do that for him.

What about...could you, like, hide an engagement ring in a Frosty?

Yeah, I can do that. Yeah, yeah. Yes, I can! Have him come and talk to me, and me and him can work out some plans.

Next..."The Naked Tenders Combo -- that's not for Valentine's Day?"

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Pedro Norte
Pedro Norte

Annoying working people trying to survive in this economy is SO funny!

Diana Tunon
Diana Tunon

I get the graphic and all. Haha. But MUST we show a female having a phallus shoved into her mouth? Was there no other choice available? Is it just a go to? Exhausting microaggressions. Be better than this RFT.

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