No Reservations: Gut Check's Valentine's Day Fast-Food Experiment

Sonic: Sonic, this is _____, can I help you?

Riverfront Times: Hello, I'm calling to make a reservation for my employer and his girlfriend for Valentine's Day.

Uh, we don't take reservations.

You don't?

This is Sonic Drive-In.

Yes. He and his girlfriend went on their first date to Sonic, so he told me to call and find out. I'm sorry, I just assumed that....

Yeah, no, 'cause we're a quick-service restaurant. I know White Castle does reservations, but we don't do -- you just pull up any time, and you can place an order.

You pull up? Do you have tables?

There's the patio.

Oh, OK. Do you have any Valentine's Day specials?

Since it's Thursday, we have our Jr. Double Cheesburger and onion rings for $2.99.

OK. So he can sit on the patio if he wants to?

Yeah, you can sit on the patio or in your car, whichever. We don't have a dine-in, but we do have a patio and everything.

Could he bring some candles for the table to make it more romantic?

If he wants to.

So, if he doesn't need a reservation -- you're not anticipating a large crowd, then?

No, not Valentine's Day night.

Will you have any music outside or anything?

My stereo is broken outside right now.

Oh no! You should get a string band for Valentine's Day!

Uh, I don't think my franchise would pay for that.

OK, so I have a weird question, I suppose. I know my employer fairly well. So if they pull up in the car...they can order in the car?



If he's been to a Sonic before, he should know how it works.

Yes, he probably does. He didn't really tell me much. So, if they roll up the windows of the car, will people come bother them after they're done eating?

They might get a check-back, but that's about it.

OK. Just checking. I know this man.

Yeah, we just make sure that everybody is OK. They might walk by and give him a thumbs-up.

Like, "Way to go, sir! On Valentine's Day!"

Well, no, it's just making sure they don't need anything.

Right. And there's no tablecloths or anything outside?


Good to know. So, he's actually planning on proposing, I believe. If he wants to hide an engagement ring in something that you make, would that be possible?

He would just need to talk to my assistant who's working that night. They would do something for him, they just need --

He can come earlier.

Yeah. I'm the general manager, but I won't be here Thursday, but one of my assistants can help him out.

They went on their first date to Sonic. I think that's why he wants to go back. OK, I will have him go there early then and talk to someone. Thank you so much!

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