Burlesque, Birthday-Cake Martinis and More: The Fountain on Locust's Fifth Birthday Party [Update]

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"Sweet Romance" adult ice cream pairing at the Fountain with Bailey's Irish Cream, Kahlua coffee liqueur with vanilla ice cream.
A lot has happened at the Fountain over the past five years. The dessert shop won the title of "America's Best Restroom" from commercial restroom supply company Cintas, finally finished the epic art deco mural adorning the restaurant's interior walls (it took Christensen two years to complete the whole thing) and the Fountain has established itself as a restaurant to watch in St. Louis.

Christensen said she was initially afraid the Fountain would be a bust, after a feature on "Show Me St. Louis" brought the newly opened restaurant almost no customers. She says its because nobody knew where they were. At the time, the area was home to just two other restaurants, and Locust was still a one-way street -- a difficult scenario for any business.

"We thought we had made a huge mistake," Christensen says. "But we couldn't move."

She says it took nearly three months for customers to begin trickling in, but once they did, she says they always came back.

Christensen expresses her gratitude for the people of St. Louis. "I wanna explode and jump up and down," she says. "We're delighted to be here and to have our wonderful customers and to have St. Louis so strongly supporting us."

So what's in store for the next five years? Christensen bought another building on Locust, and has plans of turning it into an artisan distillery. Additionally, she plans to expand the Fountain into the office space currently above the restaurant and use the space for private parties.

Plan on attending the Fountain's fifth birthday party? Make reservations now; the restaurant is quickly nearing its 110-person capacity.

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Fountain on Locust

3037 Locust St., St. Louis, MO

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