Mad Buffalo Distillery Makes Moonshine Eco-Friendly

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As a testament to the individual nature of each batch of moonshine, the company posts batch notes online that discuss who was on the production crew, how the cooking went, and even what music the distillers were listening to while they made the moonshine. If you taste a little 1970s rock in your bottle, it's probably the Grateful Dead.

Burnette also wanted to make sure that everyone involved in his business understands the distilling process. He had his marketing team work at the distillery so they know how much work goes into creating craft liquor.

In addition to moonshine, Burnette and his family hope to start producing other liquors soon, including an aged corn whiskey. He's in the process of obtaining sustainably grown barrels from McGinnis Wood Products in Cuba, Missouri, and he hopes to have barrels made from some of the fallen American Oak trees on his own property as well.

By Spring 2013, Mad Buffalo Distillery hopes to start producing vodka, then the company will try its hand at bourbon, aged whiskey, gin and, eventually, absinthe. For now, though, Thunderbeast Storm Moonshine is the star of the show.

Burnette admits there's some debate about being able to call a liquor "moonshine" when it's being produced legally, but he also admits that it's somewhat of a marketing maneuver. Besides, he emphasizes, "It's still my grandmother's recipe." Only now it's being produced sustainably, with little impact on the Missouri environment.

Grandma would be proud.

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