Six New Flavors Old Vienna Ought to Invent

Earlier this month, when Gut Check got wind of the impending arrival of the three new limited-time-only Lay's potato-chip flavors, our first thought was: Where can we get us some Chicken & Waffle?!

BBQ Pork Steak Flavor chips. We didn't have to make this one up.
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Our second thought, upon brief reflection, was: St. Louis has its very own potato-chip company, Fenton-based Old Vienna (345 South Old Highway 141; 636-343-3050), whose Red Hot Riplets (and pork rinds!) are a vending-machine staple in the break room at Gut Check International Headquarters....

HOW AWESOME WOULD IT BE IF OLD VIENNA CAME UP WITH A ST. LOUIS-SPECIFIC LINE OF POTATO CHIP (& pork rind!!) FLAVORS?! Heck, they already make one fabulous example of the species: Pork Steak Flavor BBQ Chips.

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As a public service, a shout-out to a local company and a call to action, here are six more flavors Gut Check would love to see...

6. Brain Sandwich
True, ask a hundred St. Louisans if they've ever eaten a brain sandwich and all hundred of 'em will likely look at you as if you don't have any. (Brains, that is; not sandwiches.) But ask what "brains 25 cents" brings to mind and they'll tell you faster than you can type it into The Google.

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