St. Louis Food Blog Digest, 02.04-02.10

Gut Check dishes on our favorite St. Louis food blogs.

One Hot Stove: Nupur made green peas pulao.

Iron Stef: Stef shared crab cake scotch quail eggs.

Family Style Food: Karen made chocolate hazelnut baci cookie kisses.

Eat Write: Judith shared barbecued beef made in a slow cooker.

Rhubarb and Honey: Kimberly made muffaletta bites for Mardi Gras.

Shoot to Cook: Jonathan made shrimp spring rolls.

The Sweets Life: Natalie compiled a list of sweet treat recipes for Valentine's Day.

Cupcake Project: Stef shared white chocolate amaretto cupcakes.

Sounding My Barbaric Gulp: Kelly made meat corn, a meaty popcorn mix.

A Periodic Table: Shannon shared orange five spice and chile ice cream.

A Veggie Venture: Alanna shared a guest post from blogger Susan from blog Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen, a recipe for vegan chickpea gumbo.

Sauce magazine's blog: Dee shared salmon with pinot noir syrup.

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