Straub's Massive Meat Sale Today and Tomorrow Just in Time for Super Bowl Sunday

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Caillin Murray
A butcher at the Webster Groves Straub's location holding a cut of prime strip.
Get ready to stock your freezers like it's Y2K, everyone: This weekend Straub's (multiple locations) is hosting a massive meat sale.

The meat sale, which Straub's is promoting as "legendary," begins today, February 1, and runs through Saturday, February 2, at all Straub's locations. The local grocery chain is knocking off between $1.30 and $14 a pound for select cuts of meat.

"We realize that the economy is kind of iffy, and it's nice for the people who can't just throw away money on prime beef to be able to come in and stock up on it," says Samantha Schmid, marketing coordinator at Straub's.

Gut Check moseyed over to the Straub's (211 West Lockwood Avenue, Webster Groves; 314-962-0169) in Webster Groves to peek the discounts -- and compare 'em to other local grocery-store prices.

Always wanted to try a "Kobe" (actually American-raised Wagyu) beef burger, but couldn't afford it? During the meat sale, a five-pound box of Kobe burger patties is now $39.99, almost $10 off the original price. Still pricey, yes, but much less of a hit for this pampered cow meat. And forget about finding this meat at Walmart; it's only carried by specialty meat stores.

Caillin Murray
The meat department at the Webster Groves Straub's location.
Another discount that caught Gut Check's eye: U.S.D.A. prime rib eye at $16.99 a pound is cheaper than what you would find at Whole Foods, ($22.99 for bone-in, 24.99 boneless), but just above comparable cuts at Trader Joe's ($12.49 a pound) and Schnucks ($12.49).

With $14 a pound trimmed off the tag, the U.S.D.A. prime strip is the best deal of the day at $15.99 a pound. A comparable cut at Whole Foods runs for $19.99 a pound. At Trader Joe's, the New York Angus strip goes for $15.49 a pound, and at Schnucks the choices of Angus and select strips are $12.89 and $9.89 a pound, respectively.

Though smaller savings -- but still slashed in price -- are pork-loin back ribs and whole turkey breasts.

This "massive" meat sale (anyone else giggling? No? Just us? OK) usually happens twice a year, and this time around it's just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

Caillin Murray
Meet the meat sale.

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