I Fratellini Offers Vegetarians Bruschetta, Raviolo and Numerous Tasty Salads

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Tara Mahadevan
Shaved Brussels sprouts salad at I Fratellini.
If you aren't a Brussels sprouts lover, the shaved Brussels sprouts salad ($12) might change your mind. Made with radicchio (a leafy vegetable), roasted pistachios, pecorino (an Italian cheese) and tossed in a warm sherry-shallot vinaigrette, this salad is exquisite. The pairing of the ingredients might raise eyebrows a bit, but the elements work well together.
Tara Mahadevan
Belgian endive salad at I Fratellini.
The Belgian endive salad ($12) also takes a creative spin on salad, offering much more than a bowl of greens. Fresh orange, Gorgonzola cheese and candied pecans are tossed in a bright orange vinaigrette, served scattered on two Belgian endives, a cream-colored, bitter leaf. The salad's taste has a few twists and turns, as sweet and savory mingle with the endive's bitter flavor.
Tara Mahadevan
"Raviolo E Uova" at I Fratellini.
Swimming in a brown butter and sage sauce, the "Raviolo E Uova" ($20), made with fresh ricotta and egg, is extremely rich, buttery and made in an interesting way. First, the chef makes a nest with the ricotta; then, an egg is cracked into the center of the ricotta. Then the creation is wrapped in pasta. I Fratellini sources its pasta locally, and makes all ravioli in-house.

I Fratellini owner Zoe Pidgeon also runs two other restaurants in the Clayton and University City areas, Bobo Noodle House and Bar Les Frères.

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I Fratellini

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