Veggie Burger Highlights the Shack Pubgrub's Vegetarian Options

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Tara Mahadevan
House-made veggie burger and hot and spicy fries at the Shack Pubgrub.

A nice side to accompany the veggie burger is the Shack's loaded hand-cut fries ($6), which are quite loaded indeed. Though none of the options are listed as vegetarian-friendly, Gut Check opted for the hot and spicy fries sans bacon. All fries are cut-to-order, seasoned russet potatoes -- the hot and spicy fries are saturated in the Shack's special seven-spice buffalo sauce, blue cheese and green onions.
Tara Mahadevan
Hot and spicy loaded hand-cut fries at the Shack Pubgrub.

In addition to hearty American fare, the Shack offers several vegetarian-friendly salads, pizzas and assorted sides.

Location Info

The Shack Pubgrub

13645 Big Bend Rd., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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