5 Best Easter Candies of All Time

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As Easter Sunday creeps closer, Gut Check dreams of baskets piled high with pastel-colored candies, chocolate shaped like baby animals and, oh sweet Jesus, Cadbury eggs. We remember well the ritual of sorting the bounty bestowed by the big, weird Easter Bunny: Would it be good stuff...or crap?

Want to avoid the inevitable disappointment of unsatisfying, subpar Easter candy? Check out our retrospective of the five best Easter candies, then check out our list of the five worst Easter candies of all time.

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Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs
Reese's peanut butter cups are a year-round favorite. That's just a fact. There is just something special about salty, sweet peanut butter and its meant-to-be marriage with Reese's creamy milk chocolate always within reach near the check-out lane. Gut Check, however, would argue that the seasonal Reese's peanut butter egg is better than the classic peanut butter cup. Wait, we'll explain.

The true magic of Reese's peanut butter eggs lie in the chocolate to peanut butter ratio. The egg shape lends to a better distribution of smooth peanut butter encased by rich milk chocolate. The peanut butter core is thicker, housed by a perfectly thin layer of delectable chocolate. There is also something more mystifying and alluring about the short-term, seasonal availability of Reese's eggs that almost challenges, nay begs, us to buy as many as possible before they disappear from shelves for another calendar year.

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Oh no!!!! You totally forgot the sweeTart bunnies, chicks and ducks!!  And NOT the small ones they have released this year!!! The original Easter ones are the BEST tasting sweeTarts AND you to bite the heads off first, which is the best part of any and all candy!!!


And yeah, Robin Eggs are awesome, but you gotta get 'em in the paper milk carton-esque packaging rather than the bag.


Is the caramel in the Cadbury caramel eggs the same stuff they use in the Caramello bar?  If so I'll have to pick some up!

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