Bombay Food Junkies Truck Nears Launch, Turns to Kickstarter for Decoration Help

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The Bombay Food Junkies truck, unwrapped. (It needs to be wrapped, is the problem.)
Gut Check told you last month about Bombay Food Junkies, a new food truck featuring vegetarian and vegan Indian cuisine. The wife-and-husband team of Krupa and Sid Panchal plan to serve pav, a sandwich-like dish that Krupa told us is the most popular street food in Bombay (or Mumbai, as the city is now known).

The Panchals already have a truck (pictured above). What they do not yet have is a decoration -- the wrap, to use the term of art -- for the truck.

Enter, yes, crowdsourcing.

By which, of course, we mean a Bombay Food Junkies campaign on Kickstarter.

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"We're in the final stages of wrapping the truck," Krupa Panchal tells Gut Check. "We need about $5,000 for it."

The Panchals have until March 26 to raise the money. As of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign has raised $1,458 from 32 backers.

Rewards for backing range from a thank-you note and a free dessert for a $10 pledge to a private party for 30 (and more) for a $1,000 pledge.

"We want to reach out to more and more people," Krupa says of the effort.

"It's really exciting."

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