Food Photo Essay: Gooey Butter Cakes & More from Ann & Allen Baking Company

Categories: Food Porn
Crystal Rolfe
A warm red velvet gooey butter cake gets its cream-cheese topping.

Crystal Rolfe
Turtle gooey butter cakes, just about ready for public consumption.

Crystal Rolfe
Gooey butter cookies receiving the requisite dusting of powdered sugar.

Crystal Rolfe
Co-founder Marilyn Schotte, the baking genius behind Ann & Allen Baking Company.

Editor's note: Sometimes food renders Gut Check speechless. That's why God invented the DSLR. In our continuing effort to cause your mouth to water onto your keyboard, we bring you our weekly Food Photo Essay.

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Ann & Allen Baking Company

6343 Manchester Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: General

Park Avenue Coffee - Lafayette Square

1919 Park Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: General

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